Glazed Link

  • Place/CountryManchester/United Kingdom
  • Completion2014
  • Project TypeSpecials
  • ClientLaing O'Rourke

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Construction in a historic setting always poses a greater challenge. The company's portfolio includes numerous examples, and the Glazed Link in Manchester complements the list with a particularly exacting object. The project is part of the comprehensive measures planned for the city's town hall complex. A tear drop-shaped room in the floor plan, in the form of a vestibule, ensures that visitors enter the city's library via the town hall with dry feet. The requirement was that the appearance be immaterial insofar as possible; as such the curved walls are completely constructed from room-height glass panes, whilst the cloud-shaped ceiling is manufactured from mirror-polished stainless steel, creating highly interesting and varied visual impressions. The Glazed Link stands in particular for realisation of the strategic alignment, in this case in the sense of expanding the product portfolio with glass bearing structures.